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Self sufficient permaculture homestead for a sustainable stay in nature

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Travel dates

27°C, 17:20

About the workproject

We need 2 volunteers

Bogata Suma ("Rich Forest") is a permaculture family homestead on the top of a hill in inland Croatia, surrounded by forests.
We use permaculture principles to develop our terrain and our life. We care for the earth, for the people around us and we like to share our abundance.

We live a simple, mostly self sufficient life off the land. We eat delicious, mostly vegetarian dishes; meat only once or twice a week. We make our own (sourdough) bread, crackers, cookies, fruit wines, jams, syrups, sauerkraut, yoghurt, kimchi & kefir.
We collect various herbs for tea, tinctures and oils, and for the kitchen.
We live with quite some animals: 5 cats (mouse & squirrel catchers), 2 dogs (as doorbell & guard), rabbits (lawn mowers, for manure and meat) and chickens (compost turners, bug hunters, for eggs & meat), bees (we are newbie beekeepers) and soon also sheep (terrain cleaners for milk, wool and meat).

The homestead is slowly turning into a permaculture nut farm where people can camp for a holiday in nature.

At Bogata Suma you can learn what permaculture is, how we apply permaculture principles in our lives and how you can use it in your life.
You can see how we observed our land, thought of solutions for our needs, put a design on paper and how that is implemented on the terrain.

You can help us with cleaning parts of the terrain, making the camp site more beautiful and turning the terrain into an edible landscape. The animals need fences, the paths need mulching with wood chips, we can do some pruning, taking care of the (polyculture, no dig) garden, composting and mulching, and you can help us with everyday tasks.

You stay for at least 4 weeks to be part of our life and get a good overview of all aspects of a fulfilling, sustainable life in the countryside.
You need a certain amount of independence, flexibility and fun and don't mind dirty hands, curious cats and noisy kids grin
If you eat vegan or your main motivation is consuming travelling and to have a cheap place to stay, please do not apply.

Please write a personal message to us (Peter and Barbara) about you, what you want to learn, why, your skills and your dream future, so we can setup a good stay for you.
We get many requests so please send a personal message with your motivation!

About the host

Peter & Barbara

Peter & Barbara (65)

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Croatian, Nederlands, English, German

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We are a family with a 17-year old son (who wants to be a cook) and an 11-year old daughter. Barbara is a permaculture teacher, gardener and web designer, and Peter is a visionary life designer, project developer, wood worker and former blacksmith.
We all love cooking, nature, a campfire, making beautiful things, playing games...

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • gardening
  • construction
  • farming
  • help in the house
  • maintenance tasks
  • eco projects
  • animal care
  • charity work

Expected workhours

  • 5 hours a day
  • 5 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • shared room, camper, tent

We host volunteers in mobile homes, and sometimes in a tent or in a room in the house (in colder seasons). You can use our diner/library or the kitchen as an indoor hangout.

  • shared meals

We prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner together, 6 days a week. 1 Day we'll have family time. On that day we provide you with ingredients to cook for yourself.
We cook healthy, varied, delicious meals with home grown or locally sourced ingredients.

  • no money is involved

We offer an inspiring place where you can learn a lot about permaculture. Not only as a design method for land, but also for (aspects of) your life.