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Dog sitter(s) needed: friendly, trustworthy and reliable

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About the workproject

We need 1 volunteer

I live with my two medium size mixed breed dogs Lucky and Sugar in a townhouse village in a suburb of Bangkok. Even though we live in the capital, the village reflexes more a pure Thai life style and back to the roots feeling than you might get in the center.
The house has two stories, a front yard and a big enough kitchen in the back. Downstairs you find the living room and eating corner as well as a small bathroom.
Upstairs is a bathroom as well and two bedrooms, one for guests, volunteers or couchsurfers and one for me.
Both dogs are friendly and easy to handle but defensive to strangers and other dogs.
They need to get their food twice a day, morning and evening. Since both of them have lots of allergies, they are not allowed to eat every dog food. Still to prepare their meals is not a difficult thing and done fast.
Lucky and Sugar also get their walks twice a day, mostly after the meal. We usually walk about 30 minutes each time.
Bathing them would be great but isn't possible all the time. Lucky is picky and chooses his "friends" carefully. He gets stressed out with a bath. Therefore not everyone would be able doing that. Sugar on the other hand is easy going and sometimes too relaxed grin

About the host

Michaela Lena (40)

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English, German, Thai

Last seen online

more than 6 month ago

I am a German teacher in three different schools in Bangkok. I am in Thailand for more than 7 years now and I love to travel. I live in a Thai village near the airport with my two dogs. I am open minded and like to meet different people from all over the world. That's why I host a lot of people through Couchsurfing from all over the world.
In my free time, I do a bit of sports, read books r just hang out and drink coffee. Sometimes I meet friends and go out for dinner/dancing.
As a teacher I have lots of holidays and like to travel a lot. For now I have explored about 18 Asian countries grin

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • animal care
  • pet sitting

Expected workhours

  • 3 hours a day
  • 7 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • private room

I live in a two story house, with two bed rooms upstairs.
One is the guest room and will be your for the entire time you stay at my place.
You will have a closet, sleeping sofa and/or mattress, desk and fan. You can use the bathroom downstairs all on your own or share the bathroom with me upstairs.
Kitchen, living room and eating corner can be used all and any time.

  • self catering

During the day you might eat out while you are exploring the area anyway so do I. Once I am at home you re mostly welcome to join me for dinner or breakfast. Most likely I have dinner in one of the street restaurants nearby where you are welcome to join. The kitchen, fridge and stove is all your if you want to prepare your own food.

  • no money is involved

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