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Eco-project needs love <3

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Travel dates

27°C, 09:03

About the workproject

We need 10 volunteers


"To above all live as naturally and in a way that that leaves no negative impact on the planetary ecology if possible and empower others to do same." =)

This can only be achieved through radical lifestyle changes for most as the way human society is presently organized is almost 180 degrees opposite from what it needs to be to enable harmonious living.

Not just a place to crash but a new intentional eco-community of love and support looking for both long term members and short term helpers as well. A space for those with open hearts, as hugging/social touch is very important here!

Let's Live, Laugh, Love, Grow, Learn, Connect, Create, Act, Share, and Celebrate Life Together!!!

In the context of hovos we hope to instill an environmentally conscious mindset in our visitors that transcends the boundaries of nationalism embracing the oneness of our planet that you also will carry with you wherever you are to teach others. Our place isn't too far from the road that you can't hitchhike or cycle to reach us.

Given the depletion of the planet's resources - they are used today far faster than they can be restored - our aim is to teach eco-friendly concepts that emphasize sustainable and minimalist living. Singles/couples/families - all ages are welcome. You are also welcome to bring your own pets(if they are travelling with you). =)

You learn by living it, which means all volunteers are expected to follow these eco-rules:

No disposable items should be brought on to the premises.

NON-SMOKERS ONLY (for both health and ecological reasons).

We generally don't wear ANY clothes in the house, at the (nude) beaches or during hiking in the jungle. Shoes are permitted but going barefoot is also encouraged. =)

You may only use bicycles/hitchhiking for transport, motorbikes or other nonrenewable fueled transport may NOT be rented or used while you stay here. There is plenty to see nearby anyway so you won't be bored. You are welcome to make a donation to help us buy more bicycles to enable others to use them for free as well. =)

We promote raw food for health in addition to ecological reasons. We also have a juicer and a blender to cook with! =) And of course a kettle for tea! That said, there is an electric stove.

And you should also avoid bringing anything synthetic with you, especially plastic bottles/things. All our water is stored in glass bottles. =)

Computers and mobile phones are OK but must be switched off at bedtime.. There is wifi access.

Our requirements in the near term are:

-Decorate/create art to make the house more inviting
-YOGA TEACHER needed that has completed a teacher training course
-Help us get a website up!
-Grammatically correct translations from English to your language
-Sending letters and emails
-Purchasing/collecting food(our aim is self sufficiency but this takes time - years - to achieve)
-Dumpster diving - much cheaper than purchasing! 8^)
-Paint T-shirts(we use 100% organic unbleached cotton fabric)
-Fund raising(selling art including the t-shirts above as well as collecting donations)
-As we also like to help others you may be asked to help out a nearby animal shelter(mostly dogs), so please make us aware of any allergy issues you have : )

Scheduling is flexible.

There are many other possibilities depending on the skill sets of volunteers - we are always open to the introduction of new ideas or concepts.

Unlike most of the listings in Thailand there are no hidden costs/fees to stay here, just bring an open mind! =)

HOWEVER please remember that while it isn't required to "donate" for your food and accommodation. It would still be appreciated if you are able to in order that we may provide better variety of food and purchase future requirements for our project, thank you.

About the host


Host since



English, Thai

I speak a few Asian languages

Last seen online

more than 6 month ago

I have NEVER owned a car or motorcycle and believe strongly in walking with a light footprint on the earth and welcome the company of fellow minimalists.

Humans have made life unnecessarily complicated, when it's really quite simple.

Project dates

Open for offers, contact us

Work to be done

  • help in the house
  • teaching projects
  • eco projects
  • charity work
  • art projects

Expected workhours

  • 4 hours a day
  • 6 days a week

Work exchange deal

  • shared room

Communal Bedding, Please Be Respectful. =)

  • shared meals

You are free to eat outside sometimes if you feel the need to do so. =)

  • no money is involved