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April 15, 2019

Hello and welcome to The Tourist Center of Certified Guided Tours of Panama, We have a Hostel

We are Certified National guides with 15 years of experience exploring Panama on our YouTube Channel we have over 42,168 videos of all our explorations.

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Did You Know?

3 Million Years ago Panama Panama City Emerged from the Ocean impacting the biodiversity of the planet connected to the world as a natural bridge

Total Aria 75,517 square Kilometers

Official language is Spanish

Currency The Balboa and the US Dollar

Electricity 110 V

Tropical climate between 27 ° C / 80 ° F

The Republic of Panama is located on an isthmus that extends over 75,517 km², uniting Central America and South America. It is bordered on the North by the Caribbean Sea and on the South by the Pacific Ocean. By land, it borders on the East with Colombia and on the West with Costa Rica.

It has a population of more than four million inhabitants, a harmonious fusion of races and cultures that form one of the warmest and happiest countries in Latin America.

Its name, "Panama", is of indigenous origin and historians assign several meanings: abundance of fish, abundance of butterflies and the name of a majestic tree.

Panama stands out as the Latin American country with the highest economic growth and maintains a privileged position in important international development classifications. In addition, its geographical position allows it to offer the world a wide variety of modern logistic, commercial and financial services.

102 years ago the Panama Canal was inaugurated; from every corner of its coasts to the green paths of its mountains is a happy and hospitable people that we like to share our culture.

Panama is a whole universe to discover with diverse unique landscapes, rhythms and a thousand colors bathed by two oceans that make our kitchen

A modern city with 2 ancient cities with natural richness and

Architectural which are Certified as World Heritage by UNESCO

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