My Volunteer Project in Poland

May 22, 2020

How Did I Applied For The Project ? ( In 5 Steps )
  1. I found the website called AIESEC while looking for some new opportunities to go out from my country.
  2. I did researches how to apply for a project and what are the requirements.
  3. I made more than 20 applications and some interviews but I took a confirmation from one project.
  4. I've started preparing for my project and the environment.
  5. I took visa and financed myself until stepping Europe.

How Was the First Sight in My First Experience?

The first moment I stepped into Berlin, (I transferred from Berlin to Łódź) I felt like discovering another realty which is totally different than mine. I had a few hours in Berlin to take my bus and I went to city center, grab a beer in a bar and met with new people. It was really strange for me in the first sight.
After arriving the village and meeting with volunteers, the director asked me to put my bags in the room, I said okay and I was expecting to have a single room. Than I saw 20 people are living in the ground in the classroom of a school. It was really strange for me in the first sight but I remember this was the first thing that I missed when I came back. Waking up alone after sleeping with 20 people is really boring.  Another problem was my adaptation in the first sight. Because I was almost 1 week late to the project and everybody seem to me they know each other for long time but we made a football match and I've met with all of them in a few days. After feeling safe and adapted everything was unforgettable, I enjoyed my experience for 7 weeks.

How Was My Routine Life While Volunteering?

Me and my team were working hard for making entertainment to children for almost 8 hours. Maintaining, cleaning, preparing stuff before everybody visit the project, having in attraction with children and teaching simple English words were the main duties of the project for volunteers. After doing our job with our passion, we were cleaning every where and start taking a rest. After everybody rests, we were trying to find some activities for volunteers, like some kind of games etc. We had day-offs in every 3 days and we made some small trips to the oter Polish cities with the volunteers. I lived %100 efficient project in this 7 weeks. Everyday was out of routine and more spontaneous. The group was really friendly and we made many activities together in this off-days like going to the nearest lake and having beers etc.

How Did I Feel in My Last Day ?

I surely took what I wanted to take. I had many experiences in my term and meet with every people who I saw. That evene taught me a simple Polish. I experienced living with 20 people who never saw me before. I also took many responsibilities, such as giving decisions in crisis or taking the lead when needed. The day I will leave the project we made a good-bye party for me and it was really dramatic. Everybody wrote what they experienced with me in my t-shirt and we drunk our last beers together. The day when I have bus is still like a movie in my mind. Everybody was in a tear eye and tell me to not leave. I still in touch with them and want to meet someday again. Coming back to my country was really struggling after all this 7 weeks.

What to Learn From This Experience ?

Adaptation improve our brain functions really sharply. Meeting with new people, living in another country is already really improving actions for characteristic and self-confident but having a life time experience is much more than this. I gained my leadership skills, my confident, my communication skills and my project management skills. To have such experience is not comparable with anything, it can give you various of useful knowledge in your life, such as surviving in any conditions. In the worst scenario you can have a bad experience which will also better than just living in the same life. To touch people and working for a bigger idea is really enjoyable.