Nag Tibba Trek

June 24, 2020

Nag Tibba, this 2 days trek is the best departure for an end of the week. Given its basic degree of test, anyone with a conventional health can do this trek. The trek offers a part of the best outside territories. The trek encounters thick deodar forest area. With only a day into the trek one observers the outstandingly remote zone with no home. An amazing boost and trailer for new trekkers who are yet to see the full film of a long trek and Nag tibba trek bundle merits taking.
Nag Tibba trek or the trek to the Serpent's Peak is a splendid delight for experience darlings from wherever all through the world since it includes the best quietness and stimulating trekking trail through thick unsettled areas and dells. Nag Tibba is generally arranged at a partition of around 3022 meters making it an ideal week's end get away from objective especially for the trekking sweethearts. In spite of the fact that treks in India are notable yet Uttarakhand trekking has quite a lot more to offer and this extreme trek in Uttarakhand: Nag tibba trek is one among them which gives you the magnificent experience and Nag tibba trek best time is in the late spring months, from April to June, and the winter months, from October to December.