Renovations to our houses in Sweden

October 26, 2018

Ondrej and myself working on the framing Our blog is about our adventures and mainly these are related to Mallorca as we spend most of our time at La Mina San Cayetano. But the past 2 weeks we have been in Sweden for a change. We wanted to get away from our paradise for a short break and do some home improvements on the houses. What we have done is wrap the houses in wood panels, so it now looks as if the houses are made of wood instead of stone and concrete.

Ondrej was with us and we were happy that he was willing to help us as we could never have done it without him. In just two weeks time we applied typical Swedish wood paneling on 3 of the outside walls of the house. Two years ago I already did 1 wall with Pepe Moya, but this was first of all done as a necessity as the finishing layer off the wall was very bad. A local friend - Tommy Huseback - advised me to just cover it with wood panels (planks). The effect would have a double effect: cover the bad spots and increase the insulation of the house. A third effect should be added as it makes the house much nicer. I have never liked the fact that we had placed the windows too level with the outside of the wall, which gives a very flat look. Applying the wood paneling 'pushes' the windows and doors 5 cm more inside the house. This with the Swedish red (ox red) color with white finishing of the windows and corners of the house makes it look very warm.