Ansart: theme Autumn and Xmas

November 6, 2020

Ans is daily working in her glass art studio and she compared it with cooking. The more you experiment the more things come of out of it and the more fun you have. There is still a ton to learn about glass fusion, but bit by bit she is getting the skills under her belt. Daily she is watching multiple videos of other fusion artists, trying out new techniques and working out ideas. Almost every day she is filling the oven again with a new batch of work, which is ready the next morning - it takes 12 hours or more before you can open the oven and every time your heart beats a bit faster to see the results. Last week Ans had a batch which was completely going the wrong way: everything was broken in hundreds of pieces like a broken car glass in the old days. The cause proved to be the underfloor of the glass; it stuck to it and then expanded less then the glass on top.

The current themes are Autumn and Xmas.
Ankie has plugged Ans her glass work at restaurant El Sol in Son Serra de Marina, where the glass items like snowflakes and xmas trees are on display as decoration, but a subtle price label is indicating that you can also buy it. So apart from being promoted in Maria's restaurant Sa Duana in Selva it's now for sale in another restaurant as well. No confirmed sales yet, but it's early days.

Ans her work is better to explain through photos, so look at the work of Ans created this week.

Soon Ans will have a Instagram account as well, as this has been recommended as a 'must have'.

Question to all of you: which name for Ans as a fusion glass artist would you like better: 'Ans Lammers' or 'AnsArt' ?

I - Mark - have also had part in some of it: I made the stands for the xmas trees. Made from almond wood, which is beautiful reddish wood with a lot of character. When sanded well and oiled it's beautiful and perfect for xmas. Oh yes... behind the glass xmas tree I have created a round hole for a standard size tea light (see one of the photos).

Have a nice weekend and stay healthy.