Volunteer in Uganda

September 14, 2018

Our Foundation is a private non-profit organization operating near Kampala, Uganda in East Africa. We aim at reaching marginalized children and youths such as orphans, school drop outs and members of very poor families. Today we bring together over 500 children from the outskirt villages of Kampala to provide them with the basics of life such as; education, shelter, food, clothing, medical, parental love and care. Our orphanage home is set up as a nurturing family environment, where our children are engaged in crop growing, gardening and cooking.

You can make a tremendous difference in empowering the lives of under privileged children and youths by employing your time, skills and talents as a volunteer. Our volunteer program includes teaching in nursery & primary section, assisting children with their daily tasks, administration support, fundraising, writing and other activities of your interest. We offer our volunteers comfortable accommodation and tasty local foods, along with assistance and introduction to the local culture.
Our children, staff and all Ugandans welcome volunteers with genuine smiles and they are eager to meet you.
For more information, please email us (hopecf2017@gmail.com)
Visit our websites www.hopechildrenfoundations.org / https://www.volunteerworldinternational.org
Call / WhatsApp +256772515812 or +256755634165.
We shall be glad for any kind of help.