About our project

September 14, 2018

Uganda has the largest number of needy, orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa, some come to Uganda as refugees and some of them are born in Uganda.Though the number of children who need help continuously increase the Ugandan government gives less or no concern on helping them have a better life, have basic needs of life and to attain education.
Those factors gave birth to Hope Children's Foundation (www.hopechildrenfoundations.org) , a children Charity organization based and operating in Uganda with an aim of helping the needy, orphaned and unprivileged children in Uganda by providing them with basic needs of life such as food, shelter, education, medication, parental love and care.
But because of the inadequacy of funds, materials and personnel we are only catering for 300 children in Uganda and hope to multiply the number cater with the support from parental hearted individuals, organizations and well wishes.
We therefore call upon anyone willing and ready to support us be it volunteering, financial support, material support and any other support to visit our website www.hopechildrenfoundations.org for more information you can contact us at (hopecf2017@gmail.com) +256772515812 or +256755634165. www.hopechildrenfoundations.org
We shall be glad for any kind of help